Help Save NH’s Existing Biomass Plants

NH Biomass is a local green industry which represents a significant economic base for some of NH’s most economically-challenged communities. Four NH Biomass Plants are in jeopardy and need your support NOW. In all likelihood, one of these plants is in your neighborhood: Alexandria, Bethlehem, Bridgewater or Tamworth.

NH is facing a weak economy, high unemployment, a large budget deficit and a state pension program near bankruptcy. Key decisionmakers, including Governor Lynch, need to prevent the demise of these wood-fired power plants to ensure that existing jobs are not lost. Over 400 loggers, haulers, foresters, farmers, stand to lose their jobs and their livlihood if these plants are shut down. 

  • These plants directly and indirectly employ 440 people who receive good wages, benefits and pensions.
  • These plants contribute a combined $44 million EACH year to NH’s economy.
  • These plants are geographically located in areas with a higher percentage of unemployment and lower wages than most other areas of NH.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I have been an intervenor in opposition of the Laidlaw biomass plant. I am not against biomass plants. Berlin was provided with two biomass proposals; one that stands to kill the other north country biomass plants and one that can work in harmony with the existing biomass plants. What puzzles me is that I’m not seeing significantly other people that are directly effected by this massive 75MW proposal actively intervening. I’m a real estate broker. I have no ties to the logging industry. Where are you guys in protecting your livelihood? The massive Laidlaw biomass project is now about to go back before the NH Site Evaluation Committee now that its name, size and corporate structure have changed under the new name “Berlin station”. Unfortunately many of you in the biomass industry missed the first round with the NHSEC and came close to costing your jobs. Don’t miss the opportunity this time. There will be a hearing on this at the end of April and don’t count on others to fight your battles. Call the NHSEC to see exactly how you can be involved in protecting your future.


  2. Posted by Ed on March 17, 2011 at 1:07 PM

    The loss of even one of these plants will have far reaching effects on the entire forest products industry and the state of New Hampshire. The job loss will ripple through all sectors including plant employees, loggers, sawmills, truckers, mechanics, equipment dealers, etc..This job loss is needless and makes no sense. These plants burn a renewable, home grown material that directly supports the New Hampshire economy (over $45 million). This industry also allows loggers, foresters and landowners to practice the best possible land management. Would you rather buy your power from nonrenewable nuclear and fossil fuels or a green, renewable source employing your friends and neighbors? This sounds like a no brainer to me!! I agree with Mary that the Governor and other elected officials need to hear from all of those who agree. This is a REAL problem with serious consequences!! Please call or write the Governor and your elected officials today.


  3. Posted by Mary on March 11, 2011 at 3:18 PM

    The loss of these jobs and the resulting impact to local economies and the value of the existing infrastructure is completely avoidable. The Governor needs to hear this story and take immediate action. I am going to call the Governor’s office and hope others will too.


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