Letter from Governor’s Office

If you haven’t received it yet, you most likely will soon.


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  1. Posted by Ed on May 4, 2011 at 10:16 AM

    I applaud the Governor’s office for their support to keep the Independent power plants open. I believe that the Governor needs to take this commitment to a higher level. He needs to develop a long term energy policy that includes renewables, with wood being a significant portion of that goal. Why wood? Because NH is the most heavily forested state in the nation and we have a billion dollar forest products industry in place providing significant economic activity and good paying JOBS! Biomass and low grade wood markets feed energy production and allow landowners and foresters to improve the health and well being of our forests.

    Governor Lynch should consider a strategy developed by a neighboring state. In an article written for “Biomass Power and Thermal Magazine’s ” website (newsletter@biomassmagazine.com) on May 3, 2011, Lisa Gibson reports that Vermont is developing a program to promote wood pellet usage because, according to Vermont’s Governor Peter Shumlin: “the incentives become part of the state’s comprehensive energy plan due out this fall. “This makes sense for Vermont’s economy; it makes sense for Vermont’s environment; and it makes sense for Vermonters’ pocketbooks,” he said. “This would be a great use of wood and pellets, and a strong integration of our energy goals with our economic interests.” I believe that the same holds true for New Hampshire’s biomass and wood pellet industry. Governor Lynch should develop a similar energy strategy (including biomass) for New Hampshire! This action needs to take a high priority and begin TODAY!!


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